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Shanghai Nicera Sensor Co., Ltd. is a joint venture founded in 1986 by Shanghai Defu Optoelectronics Technology Co.  and Japan Ceramic Co., Ltd., with a total investment of RMB148 million. Shanghai Nicera Sensor Co., Ltd. carries on the low carbon and environmental protection concept and is devoted to the R&D and production of intelligent sensors, security and energy-saving lighting for the purpose of making contribution to the gradually emerging internet of things. The company specializes in the R&D, production and marketing of pyroelectric infrared sensors, ultrasonic sensors, Hall elements, filters and all applied sensor products. Our products are sold to many countries and regions including European and American countries, Japan.    

Shanghai Nicera Sensor Co., Ltd. was nominated as a National “Double Excellent” Advanced Enterprise for foreign exchange revenue by China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment for many years. It was approved by Shanghai government as a technical intensive and knowledge intensive “double-intensive” enterprise in 1991 and identified as a high-tech enterprise in 1995. In 1995, the company passed the certifications of ISO9002 Quality Management System by Bureau Veritas Quality International (BVQI), the ISO14001 Environmental Management System in 2000, with some products obtaining the U.S. UL certification, and the ISO9001 (2000) Quality Management System in Oct 2002. 

The company follows the “Quality First, Customer Focused” operation tenet and provide sincere service to our users. We are waiting to work together with friends both at home and abroad in developing new varieties of sensors and opening up new application markets and to make new contribution to a booming market and enriched and convenient life for the people.

  • Chairman:Kuang Dingbo
  • Vice Chairman:Taniguchi Shinichi
  • Directors: Kuang Dingbo Le Xiuhai Zhang Guohong Gu Yong Zhou Yun Taniguchi Shinichi Hirotomi Kazukata Nakagawa Kenji Kondo Pure Satoshi Nakase
  • General manager:Satoshi Nakase
  • Deputy General Manager:Zhou Yun
  • Supervisors:Jin zhongmei
Tong WeiQi
Vice Chairman:
Taniguchi Shinichi
Tong WeiQi
Tang Lei
Wang WenWei

Wang XiaoJing
Xu WeiMin

Taniguchi Shinichi
Takaguchi Makoto
Nakase Satoshi

Tokuyoshi Tetsuo
Yokoyama Teruki 

General manager:
Nakase Satoshi
Deputy General Manager:
Tang Lei
Jin zhongmei

Company History

  • 2023获得AEO海关高级认证企业(Customs Advanced Certified Enterprise) 


  • 2018 获得上海外资“基业长青”荣誉

  • 2017 Implement Lean Production

  • 2016 The independent sales rate of pyroelectric infrared sensors is over 70%.

  • 2011 sales reached over 300 million Chinese Yuan.

  • 2010.03 被认定为虹口区级企业技术中心

    2010.08 被评为外汇局上海市分局“外汇服务绿色通道”企业

  • 2009.03 上海海关总署认定为AA类海关管理企业

  • Jun 2008: The 15th investment increase between the Chinese and the Japanese parties

  • Mar 2006: The board of directors decided to extend the company cooperation operation to Sept 2026

  • Feb 2004: The company moved to 888 Wenshui East Road

  • Oct 2002: Passed the certification of ISO9001 (2000) Quality Management System
  • Apr 2000: Thermopile sensor was put into test production 

    Dec 2000: Passed the certification of ISO14001 Environmental Management System 

  • Sept 1997: Nominated as national quality management ground activity excellent enterprise by National Association of Quality Management and other three organizations
  • Nov 1996: Awarded the “8th Five-year Plan” excellent technology enterprise by Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Jul 1995: Listed among Shanghai Top 500 Enterprises for Industrial Product Sales Income 1994, ranking the 290th 

    Nov 1995: Identified as Shanghai High-tech Enterprise 

    Dec 1995: Passed the certification of ISO9002 Quality Management System 

    Dec 1995: Hall element production line was imported by investment increase 

  • Jul 1994: Identified by China National Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment as advanced investment technology enterprise 

    Oct 1994: SMT production line was imported by investment increase

  • Oct 1992: The 2nd pyroelectric infrared sensor automatic assembly line was imported by investment increase

  • Sept 1991: Identified by Shanghai people’s government as a foreign invested knowledge and technology “double intensive enterprise” 

    Dec 1991: The 1st pyroelectric infrared sensor automatic assembly line was imported by investment increase

  • Aug 1989: Complex building was completed 

    Nov 1989: Ultrasonic sensor put into test production

  • Dec 1988: First increase in investment 

  • Apr 1987: Company opening ceremony was held in Shanghai
  • Sept 1986: Shanghai Nicera Sensor Co., Ltd. was officially established 

    Oct 1986: Identified by Shanghai people’s government as an advanced foreign invested technology enterprise and product exporter

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